Services: iPhone Repair and Recovery

We can repair any part in any iPhone. If you're not ready to spend a grand on a new iPhone, we will get your existing iPhone fully functional for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Common iPhone Repairs we encounter can be done Same-Day! They include:

  • Broken Screen and Broken LCD, with the best iPhone Screens available.
  • Battery Replacement can get your iPhone through the day. (Especially the iPhone 6S and older!)
  • The Front and Rear Facing Cameras are the most fragile, but are affordable to replace.
  • The Charging Port and Headphone Jack take the most punishment, and eventually fail.
  • The Earpiece and Microphone can die for no reason at all.
  • Cloning an existing iPhone to a newer iPhone!

Catastrophic iPhone Damage refers to damage that results in a crippled iPhone, and we can facilitate recovery as much as possible. Results may vary for the iPhone; Some work perfect again, some don't. If we can't fix it, it's free! Techniques include:

  • Frame Transfers: iPhone Components get transferred to a new Metal Frame.
  • Surrogate iPhones: Restoring Data to one of our Surrogate iPhones, then transfer the data to a USB device or Computer.
  • Hard-Resets: iPhones locked by Multiple Failed Password Attempts, or Lost/Altered Credentials. NOTE: Apple ID Activation Lock is Not Circumventable; You Need your Apple ID and Password.
  • Temporary Repairs: Repairing an iPhone to enable a Data Transfer and Cloning to your new iPhone, then removing our parts.
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